Thursday, 22 October 2009


The internet is going down,
does no-one understand?
That from tonight, the world wide web
wont support your brand.

No click-throughs or banner ads,
no more sites to see.
The wonder of the Internet
is headin' for his-tor-ee!

It's the last stand of the home page
- no more skip intro's.
No more life spent waiting,
to watch those mpeg shows.

Its the end of on-line shopping,
all passwords now expired.
No more e-bay bargains
they're all gettin' re-wired.

The futures back to paper based,
mail - enveloped and stamped.
The way we all communicate
will have to be revamped.

The battles out in cyberspace
will end without a fight.
With screens all blank, and plug's all pulled,
we've had our final byte.

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